Winter Hydration

Winter Hydration

By: Sarah Harriman

Ahhh, cooler temperatures, a light breeze, and lower humidity.  Fall!  The days of sweat drenched runs are numbered, but keep the hydration bottles and electrolyte supplements close by.  Dehydration during the fall and winter is just as likely and serious as during the warmer summer months.  More time spent inside heated environments contributes to dehydration and wearing lots of layers makes it hard to tell how much sweat is lost during activities.  Physiologically, a major trigger of thirst is sweating, so without that prompt, the body responds differently and doesn’t feel as thirsty.  In cooler weather, more water is lost through respiration (I can see my breath!), which is magnified while being active. 

Along with being visible and layering for warmth, keep staying hydrated in mind while planning your cooler weather activities.  Setting a daily hydration goal or keeping a water bottle close by is a great proactive way to stay healthy and injury free this season.

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