Wear My Shoes: Kids Edition

Wear My Shoes is a special feature to highlight the local community.  Not just for runners, but anyone who wears shoes!  Get to know your neighbor and take a 
minute to wear their shoes. 

No Boundaries training programs are for EVERYONE, including all ages and abilities. During our last session we had several kids, ages 7-13, complete the 10-week beginner 5K training and participate in Shamrock Shuffle as their graduation race.

These kids are on the go, so getting them to slow down for a moment to answer a few questions for our Wear My Shoes feature, was no easy task! Our next No Boundaries session will start late summer for a fall graduation race. Stop by the store and chat if you have any questions or think you or your kids (or both) might be interested in joining us.

Why do you run?

  • Madelyn (age 11): To get fit
  • Kayleigh (age 11):Because I get to run and talk to people
  • Avery (age 9): To get fit, healthy, and athletic
  • Caleb (age 7): To get my energy out

What’s fun about running with the No Boundaries program?

  • Madelyn: Having friends
  • Kayleigh: I get to hang out with new people
  • Avery: You have friends by your side to always count on
  • Caleb: Awesome mentors!

If you could run with anyone, who would it be?

  • Madelyn: Anni (Training Program coordinator) or Kayleigh
  • Kayleigh: Madelyn and Avery (some of her running group friends)
  • Avery: Abraham Lincoln
  • Caleb: My friends at No Boundaries

If you had a super power, what would it be?

  • Madelyn: Invisibility
  • Kayleigh: Invisibility
  • Avery: Teleporting and bringing me things
  • Caleb: Invisible and Flying

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