Wear My Shoes: Carol Bowers

Wear My Shoes is a special feature to highlight the local community.  Not just for runners, but anyone who wears shoes!  Get to know your neighbor and take a minute to wear their shoes. 

Carol Bowers

Let me introduce you to Carol Bowers. Mother and grandmother to many, runner and fitness enthusiast, retired nurse, coffee lover. She dedicates her free time to positively impacting the youth of the community through running and fitness. Most recently she was instrumental in starting a local chapter of Girls with Sole, a program that encourages at-risk girls or girls who’ve been abused or assaulted to “lace up for a lifetime of achievement.”

For more information: http://www.girlswithsole.org/chapters/charleston/

1. Of all the shoes you wear, what are your favorites and why?

My favorite shoes are my Oofos because in SC you only need flip flops! But when it comes to running, Hoka's are my go to shoe because their cushioned shoe protects my heel and plantar fascia, keeping me injury free.

2. Have you ever had a nickname? What is it?

My dad always called me Slim. I was like a rail. When I raised my mini-me, she became Slim, Jr.

3. What was your first job?

The first job that I ever had was in on the Atlantic City, NJ boardwalk next to Convention Hall at the family owned and operated, Joe's Pizza. My boss treated me like one of his own children and I learned all about the business.

4. What’s your favorite family tradition?

Our family always comes together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Teaching the younger children and grandchildren to make things in the kitchen and set a formal table, having everyone clean up, and then playing games, the girls vs. boys, is important. It is very competitive and of course, the girls always win.

5. Aside from necessities, what’s something you can’t live without?

I cannot live without my friends and family.

6. If you had 30 minutes of free time, what would you do?

A year ago, it used to be sitting on our front porch and bird watching, especially the hummingbirds. Since we have moved (to Folly Beach), it is walking out to the dock on Peas Island watching for dolphins and deer on Long Island.

7. If you were Waldo, where would you be?

I would be in somewhere in SC running!

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