Sports Bra Myths

>> Once a woman knows her size, she can just buy that anywhere. 

Actually a woman's size and shape can change a lot over time. With weight loss or gain, muscle-shaping athletics, pregnancy or age, her size can vary considerably, even from brand to brand. 

>> A bra is a bra is a bra. 

When it comes to sports, no. Breast size, sport type (i.e. the type of arm, body and leg movement), body type, and plain personal style preferences all play a part. 

>> Just smoosh 'em.

Just compressing doesn't mean giving the right support and may not even support well at all. 

>> Wearing two bras at once does the job. 

This just offers doublesmoosh and is uncomfortable to boot. 

>> One is enough. 

Three is the minimum number if you are active. One on your body, one in the drawer and one in the laundry.

>> One bra will last a lifetime. 

Just like shoes, the elastic and materials in a sports bra can and will break down over time. They should be replaced every 6-12 months. 

>> Buying a new sports bra only benefits yourself.

Not at Fleet Feet during Support the Girls weekend! For every Moving Comfort sports bra you purchase May 9-11, one will be donated to a local high school student in need. Find out more about the program here

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