I Am The Movement: Rachel Thummel

The 2014 Charleston Marathon is this weekend and we have a half marathon training group that has been training hard for 12 weeks for this race. It has been such a privilege to work with this group and see them go from running 5 miles to running 12 miles, gradually getting faster and more efficient with each training run. We've loved getting to know each one of the participants and having them become part of the Fleet Feet family. This week we'll profile a few of them on the blog as we wish them all good luck in the race! We'll be there cheering you all on! 


Name: Rachel Thummel
Age: 25
Occupation: Teacher
How are you involved with Fleet Feet? Half Marathon training program
When did you start running and why? I started running a couple of years ago to improve fitness and eventually train for a triathlon.
What’s your motivation for staying active? Overall health and fitness
What’s your favorite thing about running? The finish!
Why did you decide to join the half marathon training group? I had just finished doing my first Sprint Triathlon and was looking for something else to do.  I saw this training program and decided it would be a good way to meet other athletes to train with.
What was the hardest part of taking on a new distance?:  Being nervous that I wouldn't be able to complete it or injury would keep me from achieving the distance.
What hurdle are you the proudest of overcoming? Completing the program!!!
Gear you can’t live without? Garmin watch, Brooks cold weather jacket (with hole in hood for pony tail!), and fuel belt
Hopes for race day? To run the entire race!
Goals for the future? More half marathons, more sprint triathlons, and eventually and olympic triathlon
Favorite thing about Fleet Feet or their training groups? Meeting people to run with and learning nutrition for running long distances
Advice for others deciding to train for their first half marathon? Join a training group and don't ever stop believing in yourself, you are capable of much more than you imagine.

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